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Egypt, Canaan and Israel

Throughout its long history, the land of ancient Canaan and Israel was often inseparably linked with the customs, traditions and military ambitions of its powerful neighbor to the west, Egypt. These articles highlight not only the grandeur and might of pharaonic Egypt, but also the varied ways in which Egyptian records and monuments allow us to better understand the peoples and personalities of the Biblical lands.

The articles below were hand-selected by Biblical Archaeology Society editors especially for members of the BAS Library.

When a Woman Ruled Egypt

BAR, Mar/Apr 2006

“Look on My Works”

Archaeology Odyssey, Sep/Oct 2003
by Jack Meinhardt

Narmer’s Enigmatic Palette

Archaeology Odyssey, Sep/Oct 2004
by David O’Connor

The Cairo Museum

Archaeology Odyssey, May/Jun 2004
by Zahi Hawass

How the Alphabet Was Born from Hieroglyphs

BAR, Mar/Apr 2010
by Orly Goldwasser

The Trowel vs. the Text

BAR, Jan/Feb 2009
by Nadav Na’aman

3,200-Year-Old Picture of Israelites Found in Egypt

BAR, Sep/Oct 1990
by Frank J. Yurco

Has David Been Found in Egypt?

BAR, Jan/Feb 1999
by Hershel Shanks