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Hershel Shanks, editor of Biblical Archaeology Review, hosts this series of informal interviews with five prominent Dead Sea Scrolls scholars. As only he can, Shanks discusses the intriguing personalities behind early scroll scholarship, many of whom were controversial. Listen as Weston Fields, George Brooke, James Charlesworth, Sidnie White Crawford and Joseph Fitzmyer share their stories of the scrolls’ history and impact on Old and New Testament scholarship.

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  • dss-fields-brooke

Professors Weston W. Fields and George J. Brooke

This video features Hershel Shanks’s engaging interview with Dead Sea Scrolls experts Weston Fields and George Brooke, who present key findings about the scrolls and the fascinating story behind their study and interpretation.

Running Time: 47 minutes

  • dss-charlesworth-crawford

Professors James H. Charlesworth and Sidnie White Crawford

In this lively interview, BAR editor Hershel Shanks engages James Charlesworth and Sidnie White Crawford in a conversation about John Strugnell, a linguistics genius and editor-in-chief of the Dead Sea Scrolls project who was ousted as the project’s head in 1990 (as well as from his post at Harvard University) following alleged anti-Semitic remarks.

Running Time: 34 minutes

  • dss-fitzmyer

Father Joseph A. Fitzmyer

In this wide-ranging interview, Hershel Shanks sits down with 90-year-old priest and New Testament scholar Joseph Fitzmyer to reflect on Fitzmyer’s work with the Dead Sea Scrolls in Jerusalem in 1957 and 1958.

Running Time: 31 minutes