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Readers Reply
Star’s Trek
The remarkable thing about that Star [said by Matthew 2:1–12 to have led the wise men from the east to Judea; see Readers Reply, BR 08:02] is that it did several things no other star has been known to do: It halted in its orbit, over Jerusalem, whose denizens ignored it despite its apparent brilliance, while the wise men confabulated with Herod. Then, abandoning its orbit, it jogged six miles to its left and stopped over Bethlehem. What did it do after that, and when? We are not told.
All such seemed simple back when the earth stood still and stars, sun, moon, planets, then near at hand, just right up yonder, orbited it each day—for denying which some 1,600 years later Galileo escaped burning only by recanting. But nowadays, the mossiest hardshell canonist credits, at least in public, the apparent motion of stars to a turning of the earth.

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