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Fellner awards to honor best articles in BR and Biblical Archaeology Review
After a year’s absence, the Fellner Awards are returning with increased funding in the form of an additional prize. Begun in 1986 by the Leopold and Clara M. Fellner Charitable Foundation, the awards honor the year’s best articles in BR and its companion magazine, Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR). The first-prize winners will each receive $500, and the winners of the newly established, second prize will each receive $250.
Previous Fellner Award winners for the best BR articles have been Kenneth R. R. Gros Louis (“Different Ways of Looking at the Birth of Jesus,” BR 01:01) and Jacob Milgrom (“You Shall Not Boil a Kid in Its Mother’s Milk,” BR 01:03), who shared the first award, and Jacob Neusner (“Parallel Histories of Early Christianity and Judaism,” BR 03:01).

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