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Bible Books
Peeling Back the Layers
The Changing Faces of Jesus
Geza Vermes
(New York: Viking Compass, 2001), 324 pp., $25.95 (hardback), $15.00 (paperback)
Reviewed by Amy-Jill Levine
How did a man from Nazareth come to be hailed as divine? This question lies at the heart of the latest book by Geza Vermes, professor emeritus of Jewish studies at Oxford University. In his earlier works, Jesus the Jew (1973), Jesus and the World of Judaism (1983) and The Religion of Jesus the Jew (1993), Vermes focused on situating Jesus within his vibrant Jewish culture. This time, the eminent translator of the Dead Sea Scrolls and authority on postbiblical and rabbinic Judaism turns directly to the New Testament.

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