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Jots & Tittles
1,000 Ways to Celebrate Y2K
The millennium is coming, the millennium is coming! For many, the millennium means a chance to celebrate the 2,000th birthday of Jesus. And the towns of Israel—particularly Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem—are expecting at least twice as many visitors as usual.
The celebration will begin on New Year’s Eve, when Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians will join hands in a circle around the Dead Sea for a big “hug.” The Millennium Great Embrace, sponsored by Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, is expected to draw 100,000 well-wishers, according to Israel’s Ministry of Tourism. The celebration will also feature hot-air balloon rides over the Dead Sea, campfires in the surrounding hills, concerts and a multimedia show. (To participate, contact Israel’s Ministry of Tourism at 1–888-77-ISRAEL; e-mail:

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