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Readers Reply
Dumbeth We Down?
I am a charter subscriber to BR and enjoy it very much. But I was shocked to see the article title “Clothes Maketh the Man,” BR 14:01. Maketh is a third person singular form of the verb to make. One could use the word correctly in a title such as “Dress Maketh the Man.” In this same issue, reader Dave Kase says he has noticed a “dumbing down” of BR. I’m afraid he may be right. I sincerely hope not.
Bob de Forest
McMinnville, Oregon
Genesis Tales as Allegory
After reading Elie Wiesel’s essays on Genesis, I must express regret that he misunderstands and underrates Gene-sis (“The Serpent,” BR 13:06 and “Cain and Abel,” BR 14:01). Ancient scripture, of which Genesis is an example, was often composed on two distinct levels: a prescient one for priests and sages, and a simple version for common folk. In classic terms, these are arcane (sacred) and profane, respectively. “Profane” did not then have the connotation that it does today but, rather, meant “before the temple,” that is, outside of it.

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