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Jesus at Gethsemane: Two Versions
Close scrutiny of Matthew’s and Mark’s accounts of Jesus at Gethsemane reveals numerous correspondences as well as some tell-tale differences. As laid out here, passages that occur (sometimes word-for-word) in both gospels appear side-by-side. Where there is no close parallel, we’ve inserted a line space.

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According to Mark
(14:26, 32–42)
(14:26) And having sung a hymn,
they went out to the Mount of Olives.
(32) And they come into the plot of land the name of which was Gethsemane;
and he says to his disciples, “Sit here

while I pray.”
(33) And he takes along Peter,
and James, and John with him,
and he began to be greatly distraught and troubled. (34) …

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