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ReViews: Tradition and Proclamation: A Galilean Teacher and a Diaspora Jew
Jesus, Paul and the Gospels
By James D.G. Dunn
(Grand Rapids, MI, and Cambridge UK: Eerdmans, 2011), 224 pp., $21 (paperback)
Reviewed by Sean Freyne
By any standards, the academic output of British New Testament scholar James D.G. Dunn is highly impressive. This latest book is a distillation of his opinions on the two principal figures of early Christianity, Jesus and Paul—insights that have been more fully developed in his earlier works, The Theology of the Apostle Paul (1998) and Jesus Remembered (2003). The volume under review is written for a wider audience, yet Dunn succeeds in addressing key current debates within the discipline with clarity and characteristic thoroughness that many readers will appreciate.

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