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Turn the Page
You ask if you should get rid of the cartoon and the cartoon contest (Q&C, “Offensive Cartoons?” BAR 38:01). Please do. The cartoons generally aren’t funny, don’t add anything to the value of the magazine and probably cost you something to include them. On the other hand, if others like them I won’t be canceling my subscription. I’ll just turn the page. :-)
Rebecca Hunter
via e-mail
Funny Even Without a Caption
Ditra Walsh must not have a sense of humor if she finds your cartoons offensive (Q&C: “Offensive Cartoons?” BAR 38:01). I look forward to them. The cartoonist [Carlton Stoiber] is really great. The cartoons are even funny without a caption.
Vaughn A. Holden
Burien, Washington
Hope They Disappear

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