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Defendants Acquitted in Forgery Trial
By Suzanne F. Singer
Jonathan Pulik and I, reporting for BAR, were among the first to arrive in the tiny courtroom in the large courthouse on Salah e-Din Street in East Jerusalem. By the time the wheelchair-bound judge, Aharon Farkash, entered at about 9:10, the place was packed, however. Standing room only.
I had introduced myself to defendant Oded Golan in the lobby. It was he who had been charged with forging the ossuary inscription, “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.” I had met him before, but this time there was no conversation. This was before the verdict was announced, and he was visibly and understandably concentrated. He was wearing a jacket and cheerful tie with what appeared to be little animals, as if he were confident of what the verdict would be.

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