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Queries & Comments
I have enjoyed BAR for several decades. I am a retired pastor, and over these years your magazine has been very stimulating and provided a great deal of information beyond my seminary training and graduate studies. Thank you very much!
Charles E. West
Algona, Iowa
Dear Pastor West: It’s nice to begin our letters column once in a while with a letter of praise. Thanks very much. Actually, we get lots of letters like this, but we rarely print them. Even though we don’t print them, we like to receive them.—Ed.
I don’t know if this fits in Leonard Greenspoon’s “Bible in the News” column or if it’s more down Hershel Shanks’s alley. In episode 18 of the hilarious television parody Get Smart, the intelligence organization CONTROL develops a special code for wounded secret agents to scribble out a message before they die. Its title? “The Dead Spy Scrawls.”
Randy Rector
Fort Scott, Kansas
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