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Money and Power Prevaild Power Prevail
Your interview with Zahi Hawass (“Egypt’s Chief Archaeologist Defends His Rights (and Wrongs),BAR 37:03) was both interesting and thought-provoking.
I find it absolutely appalling that the museums in Europe and England still have the “Big Six” artifacts that Dr. Hawass wants back. Rachel Hallote’s pallid attempt to justify this (Archaeological Views: “A Case Against Repatriation of Archaeological Artifacts,BAR 37:03) totally misses the point. These artifacts belong to the “land” from whence they came and to the people who inhabit that land. It is their tradition; and these artifacts are part of their tradition. The only reason they were taken is because the takers had the money and the power to do so, plain and simple.
Gerry Niedermaier
Gladstone, Michigan
Dispelling Half-Truths (and Ransoming Kidnap Victims)

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