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Well-Hidden Ivories Surface at Nimrud
Ivories from Nimrud VI: Ivories from the North West Palace (1845–1992)
by Georgina Herrmann and Stuart Laidlaw with Helena Coffey
(London: British Institute for the Study of Iraq, Gertrude Bell Memorial, 2009), 282 pp., 138 pp. b/w plates, 24 pp. color plates, £75 (hardcover)
Late in the seventh century B.C., Babylon began a military campaign that would destroy the once-powerful Assyrian empire that had dominated the Near East for 200 years. In 612 B.C. the Babylonian and allied Median armies reached the Assyrian royal city of Calah, now Nimrud, destroying, looting and then setting aflame the gorgeous Assyrian palaces.

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