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Queries & Comments
Lighten Up!
Thank all of you at BAR for enriching my life. Because of your efforts, the average person can have a front row seat to the latest discoveries and learn new things about the past. As for the negative feedback about recent articles, I urge the readership to lighten up. If you don’t like an article, move on to the next one. The staff has done a great job in giving the readers the power to decide for themselves.
Andy McNew
Houston, Texas
BAR Makes Scripture Come Alive
I only wish that I could thank you personally for the many years of exciting information, marvelous pictures and deep enjoyment I have derived from my issues of BAR. I have used them over and over to teach adult classes at my home congregations of the Church of Christ. And I always taught to standing-room-only classes. BAR puts scripture in context. The classes and I had a sense of scripture coming alive for us through the information presented in the words and the beautiful photographs in BAR.
E. Ray Bedford
Bremerton, Washington
BAR Educates and Entertains

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