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ReViews: Three Interwoven Tales
Excavating the City of David: Where Jerusalem’s History Began
By Ronny Reich (trans. Miriam Feinberg Varnosh)
(Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society and Biblical Archaeology Society, 2011), 368 pp., $49.95
Reviewed by Jane Cahill West
“As much as he hated the travel—he loved the writing—the virtuous delights of organizing a disorganized country, stripping away the inessential and the second-rate, classifying all that remained in neat, terse paragraphs.”—Anne Tyler, The Accidental Tourist1
Ronny Reich, who together with his partner, Eli Shukron, codirected excavations in the City of David for 15 years, may best be described as the accidental author of this book dedicated to Yigal Shiloh’s memory. From 1978 to 1985 Shiloh directed large-scale excavations in the City of David aimed at establishing an archaeological park. Reich’s and Shukron’s excavations were necessitated by renewed efforts to achieve that goal. Philanthropist Mendel Kaplan, who funded not only Shiloh’s excavations but also this book, explains in the foreword that:

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