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Milestones: Brian Hesse (1944–2011)
Brian Hesse, professor of Jewish studies, anthropology and ancient Mediterranean studies at Pennsylvania State University and a leading specialist on ancient animal bones and the zooarchaeology of the Levant, passed away in April. He was 66.
During more than 35 years of field experience, Hesse, together with his wife, Dr. Paula Wapnish, excavated and analyzed thousands of animal bones from sites across the Near East, including the Philistine sites of Ashkelon and Tel Miqne-Ekron. Based on their work at Ashkelon, the two coauthored an informative BAR sidebar explaining how animal bones helped archaeologists reconstruct the organization and layout of the city’s seventh-century B.C.E. market-place,a while their work on the site’s fascinating dog burials formed the basis of one of BAR’s most popular articles.b

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