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Queries & Comments
Sin from Within
If a nude statue causes you to think pornographic thoughts (Q&C, BAR 36:05), is the sin in the statue or in you? If you practice gluttony, the sin is not in the food; it is in you.
Glen E. Journeay
Austin, Texas
How’s It Look?
I’m not writing because I need to see my name in print; I actually don’t want to. But I’d like to say in a more private way that I love your magazine.
As a born-again, tongues-speaking, foot-stomping, arm-waving, hand-clapping, hallelujah-shouting, 72-year-old Christian woman, my only reaction to your cover of the Three Graces on your May/June issue is envy!
S. Hartman
Kingsport, Tennessee

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