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Scholarship Winners
“I was staying for all six weeks. What if I didn’t like it? I must admit that those weeks tested my endurance, willpower and the limits of physical exhaustion, but my fears were unfounded, as it was also the most rewarding six weeks of my life. I now have friends all over the world who get just as excited as I do over broken rim sherds or a piece of watermelon after a hot day of dry sifting.” Jennifer Greene (Qeiyafa)
“The thrill of every new discovery made working in the hot sun seem like a small price to pay.” Nancy Meyer (Akko)
“Working in Israel truly changed my worldview and helped me attain an ever greater appreciation for the past.” Brandon Olson (Akko)
“I’ve officially declared my major in archaeology and am now just one step closer to achieving my dream. This experience was so much more than hours of sorting through pottery sherds and mounds of dirt. I’ve become even more confident in my future and myself thanks to the time I spent in Israel.” Monica Parshley (Megiddo)

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