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BAR Is Not the Journal of Biological Chemistry
I was happy to read about the peaceful resolution of the personal conflict between BAR and the Israel Antiquities Authority (“My Sulkha with Shuka,” First Person, BAR 36:03). But the real surprise in the story was that you, Hershel, have passed your 80th birthday! I have been a reader of BAR for probably more than 30 years, and both BAR and I have gotten old in the process. (I will be 88 in a few weeks.) But I never expected that you, too, would be getting on in years. It must be that fighting spirit that kept up that youthful image in my mind.
BAR has given me many hours of fascinating reading and has enriched my life. It was always a delight to open a new issue that was not the Journal of Biological Chemistry.
Gabor Markus
Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry
State University of New York at Buffalo
Buffalo, New York
Pun Intended

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