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ReViews: Behold the Beasts
Beasts of the Bible
DVD, 90 minutes $49.99
Producer Simcha Jacobovici, Associated Producers, Ltd. (2010)
List your favorite Biblical beasts. Surely, you’ll include the serpent of the Garden of Eden, Jonah’s whale/large fish, Behemoth, and Leviathan. Predictably, and often frighteningly, these beings make an appearance in Simcha Jacobovici’s DVD, Beasts of the Bible, along with the crocodile into which Aaron’s rod turns, the Philistine deity Dagon (half human/half fish?), six of the ten plagues, and cherubim. All of this—and more—is packaged in a way that will inform and entertain some viewers, while frustrating and perhaps even infuriating others. Or, as was the case with this reviewer, there was much to like and to dislike in the film’s almost 90 minutes.

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