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The Bible in the News
A servant’s dilemma
By Leonard J. Greenspoon
In one of the comic strips that I follow—religiously, of course—a male character, acknowledging a certain lack of domestic tranquility in his home, observes that he cannot serve two masters; in this case, his wife and his mother-in-law. He is, of course, echoing the words, if not the exact sentiments, of Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:24). In today’s world, at least as recorded in the international print media, this continues to hold true, with only a few exceptions.
We start with an example close to my heart: A letter writer to The Washington Times signals agreement with columnist Thomas Sowell “that journalists cannot serve two masters: the complete truth and a political agenda.” Lucky for those of us who write for BAR that we can seek out “the complete truth” with no agenda, political or otherwise, to impede us.

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