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What Is It?
A. Pommel of Canaanite dagger
B. Herodian doorknob
C. Philistine saddle boss
D. Egyptian spool
E. Assyrian stamp seal
Answer: (C) Philistine saddle boss
This small, mushroom-shaped piece of ivory recovered from the Philistine site of Ashkelon is a rare example of an ancient chariot fitting known as a yoke-saddle boss. Measuring only 2.5 inches high and 2.25 inches in diameter, the boss was the terminal end of the handle of a special saddle that helped affix the chariot’s yoke to the horse’s neck. The boss was attached to the saddle by a nail that passed through a narrow half-inch hole running through the boss’s center.
The boss is one of only a handful of chariot fittings that have been recovered …

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