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“Secret Mark”: A Modern Forgery?
New Studies of “Secret Mark” to Come—Please Help
Strangely enough, despite the dozens of books and articles written on whether Morton Smith forged the Clement letter, no one has turned to handwriting experts—until now.
BAR has recently enlisted the services of two Greek handwriting experts. The first is the eminent Greek paleographer Agamemnon Tselikas. He is director of the Center for History and Palaeography of the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation and also of the Mediterranean Research Institute for Palaeography, Bibliology and History of Texts. He has pursued post-doctoral studies in paleography at the école Pratique of the Sorbonne in Paris and has published more than 150 articles on Greek paleography.
Working separately is Venetia Anastasopoulou, a certified expert in handwriting analysis and forensic sciences in Athens. Ms. Anastasopoulou has frequently testified as a handwriting expert in Greek courts. She is a member of the National Association of Document Examiners (U.S.A.) and the International Graphology Association (U.K.). She holds a Certificate in Forensic Sciences from the University of Lancashire (U.K.) and a diploma in Handwriting Analysis from the International Graphology Association (U.K.). She will compare Morton Smith’s Greek handwriting, which we have provided to her, with that of the Clement letter to determine whether Smith forged the letter.

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