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Strata: Special Collections
Royal Ontario Museum
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 586-8000
Continuing through January 3, 2010
This exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum showcases eight of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in desert caves near the site of Qumran in the mid-20th century. Among the scrolls on display in Canada’s largest-ever Scroll exhibit are fragments from the Biblical books of Deuteronomy, Psalms and Isaiah, as well as the War Scroll. Along with the scrolls, visitors can see more than 200 artifacts, including architectural fragments from the Second Temple complex in Jerusalem and 2,000-year-old pottery, coins and ossuaries, which illuminate the social and historical context in which the texts were written. The exhibit also features a virtual reconstruction of the Jerusalem Temple, as well as a display about the legacy of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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