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Digs 2009
Tel Dor, Israel
Making an archaeologist out of me
By Sean McGillivray
“Get tough or die,” as Dor veteran Merrill likes to say, is the best way to describe my first day working in Area D5 at the new Tel Dor expedition. At the start of the dig, we all naively thought we were going to be able to stay clean. What were we thinking? The diggers from D4 were shocked as they watched our bucket chain toss full buckets of dirt to each other. They said things like, “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” and “Are they crazy? Someone is going to get hurt.” Their area supervisor later told us that she and the other supervisors were laughing to themselves, since D4 was about to start its own bucket chain. Despite some cuts and bruises, however, we all came out a little stronger and much more coordinated.

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