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Georg Majewski (1920–2008)
For 30 years, since 1978, Georg Majewski has been on our masthead as “Preservation Liaison.” This will be the last issue. After a long illness, at age 88, George has gone to his eternal rest.
Georg, a devoted amateur, was our man in Israel on preservation matters. He guided and coordinated our sporadic efforts over the years to encourage and foster preservation of excavated Biblical sites. A successful, retired businessman, he was sensitive to the human situation and a master in dealing with people.
As I write, we are still working on a site BAR preserved in 1978: Ebenezer (Izbet Sartah), where the Israelites mustered to battle with the Philistines.b This early work was overseen and coordinated by Georg. It was a wonderful job of consolidation, all explained in handsome signs. …

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