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The Wandering Crown
A Tiberias 930 C.E.
Written in 930 C.E. in the town of Tiberias by the Sea of Galilee, the Aleppo Codex has traveled widely.
B Jerusalem c. 1040 C.E.
From Tiberias the codex moved to Jerusalem, where it was in possession of the Jewish Karaite sect.
C Fustat 1099
In 1099, the conquering Crusaders seized the manuscript, but it was ransomed, probably by Egyptian Jews, who moved the codex to Fustat, near Cairo.
D Aleppo 1400s
By the second half of the 15th century, the codex had somehow made it to Aleppo, Syria—the community that gave the codex its name. It remained in Aleppo for about 600 years.
E Jerusalem 1957
In 1957, more than ten years …

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