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Queries & Comments
BAR Gives Sight to the Blind
As a former avid reader of BAR who lost his sight about 5 years ago, I want to compliment you on the wonderful issue you have put online. While I cannot read the magazine, I can have my computer read, as I am currently doing, the articles in the magazine… Thank you! Now when the subscription is set to run out in 2010 I can renew and continue to “read” the magazine. I assume that you will provide future issues online. If not, please take this as a definite vote in favor of doing so!
Bob Thomale
DeSoto, Texas
Let the People Speak!
I wish I could join the accolades your readers have given James L. Kugel’s How to Read the Bible. Richard Elliott Friedman’s review essay of Kugel’s book (January/February 2008) and Kugel’s response (March/April 2008) afford almost innumerable illustrations of the confusion among Biblical scholars about how to understand the Bible.

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