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First Person: Cites Unseen
Why do some scholars avoid references to BAR?
By Hershel Shanks
I have a bone to pick with my scholar friends. They resist citing articles in BAR whenever they can.
My favorite example involves the remarkable finds at a site in the northern Sinai desert called Kuntillet ‘Ajrud, excavated by Ze’ev Meshel of Tel Aviv University in 1975–1976. The hoard of pottery and stone vessels from the second half of the ninth century B.C.E. to the early eighth century B.C.E. bears extraordinary drawings and inscriptions in Hebrew and Phoenician. The inscriptions mention the deities El and Baal. But the most startling inscription speaks of Yahweh (the personal name of the Hebrew God) and his Asherah. Some have even suggested that the accompanying drawing on the pottery depicts the consort of the Israelite God!

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