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Fruits of the Sea
By Michael R. Shurkin, with reporting by Suzanne F. Singer and Judith Sudilovsky
The Ma‘agan Mikhael Ship: The Recovery of a 2,400-Year-Old Merchantman
Edited by Eve Black
(Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society and the University of Haifa, 2003), 268 pp. plus fold-out diagrams. $72. Available through BAS; call 1–800-221–4644. Please add $13 for shipping from Israel.
In 1985 a kibbutznik named Ami Eshel of Kibbutz Ma‘agan Mikhael was diving not far from the beach of the kibbutz, 20 miles south of Haifa, when he noticed an unusual pile of rocks with a beam of blackened wood protruding from it. This was, it turned out, what fellow-kibbutz-member Elisha Linder had been looking for for years. Linder is a professor at Haifa University and the father of maritime archaeology in Israel; he had long dreamed of finding an ancient wreck off the coast of the kibbutz—and here it was. A 2,400 year-old ship at the kibbutz’s doorstep.

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