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Beer-Sheva Excavator Blasts Yadin—No Bama at Beer-Sheva
This is in response to your article in the March 1977 issue about alleged bama at Beer-Sheva (“Yigael Yadin Finds a Bama at Beer-Sheva,” BAR 03:01).
There is not one scrap of evidence, Biblical or archeological, in favor of Yadin’s theory.
The Biblical passage Yadin relies on speaks of a bama in Jerusalem and says that Josiah “broke down the high places of the gates” (2 Kings 23:8). The verse indicates that Josiah destroyed the buildings as well as the altars. But building 430 [the building at Beer-Sheva to the left of the city gate as one enters] was not destroyed until the entire city was burned by an enemy. Meanwhile, the altar had already been dismantled.

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