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Even Briefer
Dead Sea Scrolls: Major Publications and Tools for Study
Joseph Fitzmyer
(Scholars Press, 2nd ed., 1990)
Invaluable resource for study of Dead Sea Scrolls. Includes a list of sites where the texts have been found, full titles of books about the scrolls and guides to additional research—including bibliographies of books about the scrolls, survey articles, concordances and dictionaries, translations, content outlines of the larger Qumran scroll texts and information on selected topics of Qumran study.
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holyland
Avraham Negev
(Prentice Hall Press, 3rd ed. 1990)
Comprehensive illustrated guide has become a classic reference on Near Eastern archaeology since its first publication 18 years ago. Although little has been changed since the extensive revision in 1986, its renewed availability is welcome.
The Blessings of Pilgrimage
Robert Osterhout
(University of Illinois, 1990)

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