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Women in the Bible

Although the Bible is largely a product of the patriarchal, male-dominated societies of ancient Israel and the first-century C.E. Roman world, some of its most fascinating, evocative and inspiring characters are women. In these Bible Review articles, hand-selected by the Biblical Archaeology Review editors especially for members of the BAS Library, you can learn about various Biblical heroines, from Eve to Mary Magdalene, who helped shape Biblical history and the message of the scriptures.

Unlikely Heroes

BR 19:01, Feb 2003
By Gary A. Rendsburg

Discovering Women in Scripture

BR 16:04, Aug 2000
By Carol L. Meyers

How Mary Magdalene Became a Whore

BR 8:05, Oct 1992
Jane Schaberg

Thecla: The Apostle Who Defied Women’s Destiny

BR 20:06, Dec 2004
David R. Cartlidge

Forgotten Heroines of the Exodus

BR 13:06, Dec 1997
By Tikva Frymer-Kensky

Eve and Adam

BR 4:03, Jun 1988
By Pamela J. Milne

Esther Not Judith

BR 18:01, Feb 2002
By Sidnie White Crawford


BR 17:05, Oct 2001
By Janet Howe Gaines

Rachel and Leah

BR 6:02, Apr 1990
By Samuel Dresner

Bringing Miriam Out of the Shadows

BR 5:01, Feb 1989
By Phyllis Trible

The Mothers of Israel

BR 2:01, Winter 1986
By J. Cheryl Exum