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Shroud of Turin

Is the Shroud of Turin the burial cloth of Jesus Christ? Many scientists are convinced that the shroud is a medeival forgery, yet many others have presented evidence supporting the shroud’s authenticity.

How can you sort through the news reports, the scientific evidence and the media hype to make your own decision about the authenticity of this famous object?

Over the years, we’ve printed several full-length articles on the Shroud of Turin—from the results of radiocarbon dating tests to pollen analysis—and they are all available here in this special collection.

The articles below were hand-selected by the Biblical Archaeology Review editors especially for members of the BAS Library.

Does Pollen Prove the Shroud Authentic?

BAR 26:06, November/December 2000
By Vaughn M. Bryant, Jr.

Debunking the Shroud: Made by Human Hands

BAR 24:06, November/December 1998
By Gary Vikan

Has the Shroud of Turin Been Dated—Finally?

BR 05:02, April 1989
By Suzanne F. Singer

New Evidence May Explain Image on Shroud of Turin

BAR 12:04, July/August 1986
By Joseph A. Kohlbeck and Eugenia L. Nitowski

The Shroud of Turin—Probably the Work of a 14th-Century Artist or Forger

BAR 10:02, March/April 1984
By Robert A. Wild