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The Historical Jesus

Is it possible to identify the first-century man named Jesus behind the many stories and traditions about him that developed over 2,000 years in the Gospels and church teachings? These articles, hand-selected by the Biblical Archaeology Review editors especially for members of the BAS Library, attempt to answer this thought-proving question and grapple with the critical archaeological and Biblical issues that surround the search for the historical Jesus.

The Testimonium

Bible Review 7:03, Jun 1991
By John P. Meier

What Did Jesus Really Say?

Bible Review 5:05, Oct 1989
By Marcus J. Borg

The Short List: The New Testament Figures Known to History

BAR 28:06, Nov/Dec 2002
By Steven Feldman and Nancy E. Roth

How Jesus Saw Himself

Bible Review 12:03, Jun 1996
By N. T. Wright

Jesus of History vs. Jesus of Tradition

BAR 36:06, Nov/Dec 2010

The Eschatological Jesus

Bible Review 12:05, Oct 1996
By Dale C. Allison Jr.

Why Christians Must Search for the Historical Jesus

Bible Review 12:02, Apr 1996
By John Dominic Crossan

Why Search for the Historical Jesus?

Bible Review 9:03, Jun 1993
By John P. Meier

The Search for (the wrong) Jesus

Bible Review 11:06, Dec 1995
By Luke T. Johnson