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The Forgery Trial of the Century

The James Ossuary

Burial Box of James the Brother of Jesus

BAR 28:06, Nov/Dec 2002
By André Lemaire

Brother of Jesus Ossuary

BAR 29:04, Jul/Aug 2003
By Edward J. Keall

Summary report of the Examining Committees for the James Ossuary and Yehoash Inscription

BAR 29:05, Sep/Oct 2003

Final Blow to IAA Report

BAR 30:01, Jan/Feb 2004
By James A. Harrell

“Brother of Jesus” Inscription Is Authentic!

BAR 38:04, Jul/Aug 2012
By Hershel Shanks

The Yehoash Tablet

Is It or Isn’t It?

BAR 29:02, Mar/Apr 2003
By Hershel Shanks

Don’t Rush to Judgment

BAR 30:02, Mar/Apr 2004
By David Noel Freedman

Strata: New Study Supports Authenticity of Yehoash Inscription

BAR 35:03, May/Jun 2009

Ivory Pomegranate and Other Antiquities

Probable Head of Priestly Scepter from Solomon’s Temple Surfaces in Jerusalem

BAR 10:01, Jan/Feb 1984
By André Lemaire

Forgery Hysteria Grips Israel

BAR 31:05, Sep/Oct 2005

Forgery Trial

The Other Shoe: Five Accused of Antiquities Fraud

BAR 31:02, Mar/Apr 2005

Strata: Forgery Case Collapses

BAR 35:01, Jan/Feb 2009

Strata: Forgery Trial Now in Hands of Judge

BAR 37:01, Jan/Feb 2011

Strata: Defendants Acquitted in Forgery Trial

BAR 38:03, May/Jun 2012
By Suzanne F. Singer