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Explore Jesus’ last supper with his disciples, his trial, passion, death and burial, and the disciples’ astonishment and confusion as they encounter the resurrected Jesus. Why did the Romans arrest Jesus? What happened at Gethsemane? Which route did Jesus follow to Golgatha? How did the earliest Christians interpret his passion? Where was Jesus buried? In this special section, archaeologists and Bible scholars come together to discuss what happened to Jesus—from the Last Supper to the empty tomb. Plus, learn how Jesus’ cup from the last supper became the Holy Grail.

The articles below were hand-selected by the Biblical Archaeology Review editors especially for members of the BAS Library.

What Did Jesus’ Tomb Look Like?

BAR 32:01, Jan/Feb 2006
By Jodi Magness

Did a Rolling Stone Close Jesus’ Tomb?

BAR 25:05, Sep/Oct 1999
By Amos Kloner

The Garden Tomb: Was Jesus Buried Here?

BAR 12:02, Mar/Apr 1986
By Gabriel Barkay

The Resurrection of Resurrection

BR 16:04, Aug 2000
By N. T. Wright

Thinking About Easter

BR 10:02, Apr 1994
By Marcus J. Borg

Was Jesus’ Last Supper A Passover Seder?

BR 17:05, October 2001
By Jonathan Klawans

The Eucharist: Exploring its Origins

BR 10:06, December 1994
By Bruce Chilton

What Really Happened at Gethsemane?

BR 14:02, April 1998
By Jerome Murphy-O’Connor

The Garden of Gethsemane: Not the Place of Jesus’ Arrest

BAR 21:04, July/August 1995
By Joan E. Taylor

Jesus’ Triumphal March to Crucifixion

BR 13:01, February 1997
By Thomas Schmidt

The Geography of Faith: Tracing the Via Dolorosa

BR 12:06, December 1996
By Jerome Murphy-O’Connor

Crucifixion—The Archaeological Evidence

BAR 11:01, January/February 1985
By Vassilios Tzaferis

New Analysis of the Crucified Man

BAR 11:06, November/December 1985
By Hershel Shanks

Does the Holy Sepulchre Church Mark the Burial of Jesus?

BAR 12:03, May/June 1986
By Dan Bahat

The Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection

The Search for Jesus 1994
By John Dominic Crossan

To Be Continued: The Many Endings of the Gospel of Mark

BR 17:04, August 2001
By Michael W. Holmes

Emmaus: Where Christ Appeared

BAR 34:02, March/April 2008
By Hershel Shanks

From Symbol to Relic: How Jesus’ Cup Became the Grail

BR 20:04, August 2004
By Eric Wargo