Egyptian God Amun Welcomes His Son

Sidebar to: Did Pharaoh Sheshonq Attack Jerusalem?

A large portion of the hieroglyphic text of the Bubastite Portal (excerpted below) is a congratulatory speech offered by the Egyptian god Amun to his “son” Sheshonq following his victories over the “Nine Bows,” the traditional enemies of Egypt. Amun lauds the pharaoh for overpowering and dispersing Egypt’s enemies, offers Sheshonq the sword of victory and then concludes with the promise that the king’s victories will be remembered forever.

Welcome in peace, My dear Son ...

You have struck down the flat lands and foreign countries,

you have trampled down the Nubian tribesfolk.

Your blade has overpowered the Mentyu upon the sands,

    at every moment,

your power [is] victorious [over] all lands.

You have gone forth in victory,

you have returned in valor.

You have united the [flat lands],

served up for you are all the foreign countries

ignorant of Egypt,

    who had dared to infringe [your] boundaries.

I have caused their heads to roll,

I imparted victory to your actions ...

Your Majesty’s battle-cry pervades the Nine Bows.

Fear of you, it has crushed the hearts

of the foreign countries ...

Receive for yourself the Sword, O Victorious King!

Your mace has struck down the

chiefs of the foreign lands!


My heart is greatly gladdened, as I have seen your victories,

My son, Sheshonq, whom I love,

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