Biblical Archaeology Review 38:2, March/April 2012


Biblical Archaeology Review

Amihai Mazar (“Was King Saul Impaled on the Wall of Beth Shean?) is professor emeritus at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he held the Eleazar Sukenik Chair in the Archaeology of Israel until 2010. He directed the 1989–1996 excavations at Tel Beth Shean and since 1997 is director of the ongoing Tel Rehov excavations—both of which are part of the Beth Shean Valley Archaeological Project.

Konstantinos Politis (“Death at the Dead Sea) has directed a number of archaeological projects in the Dead Sea region, including the excavation of the Monastery of Saint Lot and, most recently, the survey and excavation of sites in the Ghor es-Safi (Zoar) region. His work on the cemetery at Khirbet Qazone on the Dead Sea was described in “Who Lies Here?BAR 25:05.

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