Biblical Archaeology Review 36:2, March/April 2010

Queries & Comments

Thank you for helping me reach teachers for my NEH [National Endowment for the Humanities] Summer Institutes. The two teachers who came to my Institutes after reading the announcement on BAR’s Web site are exceptional.

Ellen Bedell, Head of History at the Ellis School in Pittsburgh, has now been head of ASOR Outreach for three years, excavated for several seasons in Jordan, created a fabulous Web site for school children about the “four-room house” at Tall al-‘Umayri and has plans to teach archaeological ethics to Jordanian school teachers.

Kristine Huffman, an Atlanta teacher of fourth graders, has received a National Geographic grant to study slums around the world. And she has been asked to write a children’s book on ancient Egypt.

BAR opened up a new world for these outstanding and dedicated teachers, which translates into better-informed students. My thanks to you and your staff.

Gloria London Seattle, Washington
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