Biblical Archaeology Review 36:2, March/April 2010


Biblical Archaeology Review

Orly Goldwasser (“How the Alphabet Was Born from Hieroglyphs) is professor of Egyptology in the department of Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has written extensively on ancient Egyptian language and literature and has a particular interest in Egypt’s cultural, political and economic relationships with the Bronze Age Canaanites of the southern Levant.

Aryeh Shimron (“New Evidence of the Royal Stoa and Roman Flames) holds a Ph.D. in earth sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Until his retirement in 2000, he engaged in research in geochemistry, plate tectonics and geoarchaeological problems for the Geological Survey of Israel. Born in Moravia, he emigrated from Canada to settle in Israel in 1964. He is one of Israel’s most distinguished geologists. His work was featured in “Sound Proof—How Hezekiah’s Tunnelers Met,BAR 34:05.

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