Biblical Archaeology Review 35:3, May/June 2009

Strata: Double Issue Coming

To celebrate our 200th issue, we’re preparing a special double issue that will combine the July/August and September/October BAR. This large commemorative issue should be in your mailbox by mid-August and it will be jam-packed with descriptions of the greatest archaeological discoveries, stunning photos from the archives of one of Israel’s greatest archaeological photographers, accounts of BAR’s controversial crusades over the years and our favorite reader letters. It will also feature an account of a dig in Jerusalem that produced the oldest Biblical text ever discovered—hundreds of years older than the Biblical texts among the Dead Sea Scrolls—and much more to delight and surprise you. This collector’s issue will be a must-have for every BAR enthusiast—you might even want to buy an extra one for a friend.

In the meantime we’ll keep you up-to-date on all the latest news and developments in the world of Biblical archaeology on our Web site ( and with our free e-mail newsletters (sign up now at

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