Biblical Archaeology Review 34:3, May/June 2008

ReViews: Books in Brief

Flights into Biblical Archaeology

(Albatross, 2007) 256 pp., $38 (hardcover) Duby Tal, Moni Haramati and Shimon Gibson

High above the landscape of Israel, photographer Duby Tal and pilot Moni Haramati take us for another exciting ride into the past in this handsome volume, where sites come alive with stunning photos and rich text written by archaeologist Shimon Gibson.

Divided into six chronological sections ranging from prehistoric beginnings to modern times, the chapters are illustrated with photos and site descriptions. A map locates each site and artifacts from the excavations provide additional insight. A quote from the Bible, an archaeologist, a rabbi or a historian further enhances the presentation. The text is scholarly, but understandable to a general audience. All in all, a pleasant and informative but simple overview of Biblical lands.—B.M.

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