Biblical Archaeology Review 18:6, November/December 1992

New Mosaic Art from Sepphoris

By Ehud NetzerZeev Weiss

BAR readers know Sepphoris well. In the BAR 14:01 issue the mosaic known as the Mona Lisa of the Galilee appeared on the cover and was the prize find of the 1987 season.a More recently, in the BAR 18:03 issue, Sepphoris was the chief exhibit for a scholar’s contention that Jesus knew urban culture well—Sepphoris was a major urban center just an hour’s walk from Nazareeh.b

The finds at Sepphoris continue to dazzle—from the theater now fully exposed to the major public buildings and miqva’ot (ritual baths) to the magnificent mosaics. Indeed, the discovery of an extravagant new mosaic is the occasion for this report. The new mosaic covers the floor of a large, nearly square room (approximately 20 × 22 feet) and depicts an exotic scene along the Nile River in Egypt.

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