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Scholars on the Scrolls

Scholars on the Scrolls
Three video interviews with prominent Dead Sea Scrolls scholars

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  • Three video interviews with prominent Dead Sea Scroll scholars
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Video Interviews by Hershel Shanks

Hershel Shanks, editor of Biblical Archaeology Review, hosts this series of informal interviews with five prominent Dead Sea Scrolls scholars. Hear what Weston Fields, George Brooke, James Charlesworth, Sidnie White Crawford and Joseph Fitzmyer have to say when talking to Hershel Shanks.

BAR Digital

Looking for the digital edition of Biblical Archaeology Review to read on your computer or iPad? The pages literally move with a click of a button or a flick of the wrist. Issues from Jan/Feb 2011 and on are ready for download.

Special Collections

While the BAS Library is completely searchable by topic, author, title and keyword, we have also put together a number of “Special Collections” that allow you to browse a selection of relevant articles on popular topics in one place. Take this opportunity to access excellent scholarship on specific topics, easily and quickly.

BAR Notables

Do you read your print copy of Biblical Archaeology Review and find yourself wanting to continue your learning by exploring the articles referenced in the footnotes? BAR Notables makes it easy for you to find all these referenced articles, all in one place.

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Biblical Archaeology Review

  • Biblical Archaeology Review

Articles written by top scholars covering archaeology in the lands of the Bible. Lavishly illustrated.

Bible Review

  • Bible Review

Covers both the Hebrew Bible and New Testament with nondenominational, reader-friendly biblical scholarship by leading experts. Beautifully illustrated.

Archaeology Odyssey

  • Archaeology Odyssey

A colorful, exciting and informative journey to the ancient roots of the western world. Articles contributed by leading scholars.

Digital Editions

  • Digital Editions

BAR’s digital edition ... a literal page-turner on screen!

  • Aspects of Monotheism
  • Feminist Approaches to the Bible
  • The Rise of Ancient Israel
  • The Search for Jesus

Smithsonian Books

This series illuminates the Bible through a multiperspective approach. Includes an exploration the Bible through varied feminist perspectives. Also contains a thorough discussion of the historical Jesus.